Furnished Apartments in Calgary

Did you sell your house quicker than you expected? That’s great news! Unfortunately your new home will not be ready for a month or so. You are looking at all of your options for temporary accommodations. You have looked at apartments however the idea of packing and moving all of your furnishings and belongings twice in a short of a period of time is overwhelming. Plus most places you are looking at for renting, require a 6-12 month lease. Your other alternative is a hotel. This isn’t very appealing because you know that you and your family will feel horribly cramped and uncomfortable. This brings you to the 3rd alternative, looking for furnished apartments in Calgary with ExecSuite, you will be amazed with what ExecSuite has to offer.

At ExecSuite, we have furnished apartments in Calgary of superlative quality. For over thirty years we have been providing superior service for our clients needing temporary accommodations. Our award winning staff and accommodations will help you through this transition with ease. ExecSuite’s furnished apartments in Calgary will be your perfect home between homes for you and your family.

Since you are a family, ExecSuite has three different properties for furnished apartments in Calgary to look at. First is ExecSuite Eau Claire Tower. It is located near the Bow River with amazing views of Prince Island Park. At the Tower, furnished apartments in Calgary can accommodate you for a week or a month. The next one to look at is ExecSuite Chinook. This is a beautiful property that is located in a serene residential neighbourhood in Windsor Park. Here you will find beautifully furnished apartments in Calgary that will be able to accommodate your family pet as well. If you will be between homes for about 3 months, our next property will offer an amazing home between homes for you and your family. ExecSuite Mt. Royal Townhomes are situated in the prestigious Mount Royal area. This property offers furnished apartments in Calgary to accommodate you and your family, and even your pet, along with some extras such as a fireplace and a small private backyard. As you can see, ExecSuite is the perfect place to look for furnished apartments in Calgary.

All of our furnished apartments in Calgary have elegant and stylish furnishings as well as fully equipped kitchens, towels, linens, house wares and even a deck of playing cards. As a bonus feature we provide fresh bathrobes and a complimentary welcome basket. We are committed to making this transition as trouble-free as possible.

Are you ready to find your perfect home between homes? Great! Call us at 1-800-667-4980 or email us at execsuite@execsuite.ca. You can also fill out our reservations form. We look forward to assisting you.